5 great books to read in self isolation

As we enter another week of lockdown, my motivation is waning and it feels like creative inspiration is starting to dry up. To tackle the slow rise of boredom, I thought I’d put together a list of great books to read during self isolation. What better distraction from a global pandemic than a huge stack of page turners?

The ultimate page turner: Daisy Jones and the Six

It’s the 1970s in L.A. and Daisy Jones is rising to fame at rapid speed. Written as a series of interview responses from each member of the band, this book documents the hedonist, tumultuous, silatious personal and public lives of The Six. It’s a fascinating look at the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” lifestlye. An ode to less-hygenic days, when bars and clubs were a thing.  

The thriller: Tangerine

Alice Shipley is beginning a new life with her husband in Tangier, an exotic world away from everything and everyone she knows. When she least expects it, an estranged friend reappears. Lucy Mason is an intense and controlling presence. When her husband suddenly goes missing, Alice begins to question herself, her mind and her intoxicating relationship with Lucy. It’s a thrilling and exciting read.  

The must read: Such a fun age

When twenty-something babysitter, Kya, is stopped by a security guard at a fancy up-market grocery store, her life takes a dramatic turn. It’s a story about race relations, navigating your twenties and learning to carve your own path – a relatable, funny, moving fast paced novel with oodles of charm. Interested? Read my full review.

The easy-read: Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel Chu is preparing to meet her boyfriend’s family for the first time. Excited to meet her future in-laws, Rachel is completely unprepared for the suprises she has in store. She will soon find out that her boyfriend, Nicholas, is a ‘crazy rich’ much -fought-over bachelor – drama ensues and Rachel has a summer she’ll never forget. Check out my full book review.

The heart-warmer: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Eleanor lives a lonely life, not speaking to a single soul from 5pm on Friday, when she leaves her drab office job, to 9am Monday, when the weeks starts all over again. In a story about judgement, acceptance, trauma and compassion, this is a suprisingly endearing and uplifting read which left me feeling quite warm and fuzzy (by the end…). Read my thoughts in my full review.

2 thoughts on “5 great books to read in self isolation”

  1. Ah I love these recommendations so much! I really loved Daisy Jones and Crazy Rich Asians, both very addictive kind of reads! I need to continue on with the Crazy Rich Asians series sometime 🙂

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