Weekly round-up: feel good reading and loads of book picks

Here is my week of reading – I hope this short snippets give you some reading inspiration for the weekend and introduce you to some new blogs and websites along the way!

Catching up on this week’s blog posts:

On Wednesday, I wrote about 5 of the authors I’m desperate to read but haven’t gotten around to yet. One author who seemed particularly popular with readers was Zadie Smith. White Teeth is firmly at the top of my TBR list!

Trumping my little post 20 times over, Stylist published this wonderful article listing The 107 female authors everyone should have on their bookshelf. How many of the 107 have you read? Who do you think is missing? 

I also spotted a similar listicle on Elle.com, The 39 Best Books To Read If You Want To Seriously Improve Your Literary Prowess. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole concept of ‘literary prowess’ (it suggests that you can ‘improve’ your taste in books, which can sometimes lead to a bit of literary snobbery in my opinion) but they’ve included some amazing books and I’m definitely going to pull a bit of inspiration from the list! 

Earlier this week, I posted a blog asking Why do you read? For me, it’s all about learning, enjoyment and curiosity. Following on from that post, here are 5 Benefits of Reading a Good Novel Backed By Science that I found really interesting this week. Who knew that your muscles could ease up to 68% within six minutes of silent reading? Maybe reading in the bath with a glass of wine should be my daily habit!

A little mood lift:

I loved this piece on Lit Hub which was published at the end of April – a selection of writers share their joys and worries during lockdown. It’s a comforting and relatable read that will give you ideas of how to feel 5% better about the day ahead while also appreciating the struggles that so many of us face right now. A gorgeous little morning read. 

Morning coffee. Before social distancing, I rarely made morning coffee. Now, it’s a highlight of my day. It’s such a sensory-rich process. The whistling of the kettle. The steam warm, aromatic. The swirl of milk. The rim of the mug kissing my mouth.

Eduardo C. Corral

Conde Nast Traveller (the go-to-place for travelling content when we’re allowed to actually leave the country) posted a fun and frothy article from the editors. They each share the ways they are finding pleasure while staying at home. Think inflatable bath-tubs, sparkling English wine and flamingo peonies – frivolous, joyful, luxurious (…and entirely out of my budget), how heavenly! 

We’ve created herbal G&Ts with Bloom London Dry Gin made from chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo botanicals, mixed with elderflower Fever-Tree, juniper berries and fresh mint from the garden. I’m also keen to bake the malted-milk cookie recipe…

Katherine Sohn

Other blogs I’m loving:

Something a little different for me, I really enjoyed this round-up of historical fiction titles in Buzzfeed. I posted about Guernica on my Instagram feed this week, which is one of my favourite historical fiction novels of recent(ish) years. I also loved Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks and Brooklyn by Colm Toibin. What do you ‘count’ as historical fiction? I always wonder if it needs to be set hundreds and hundreds of years ago, or if living history can also be viewed as hisfic? As if to answer that burning questions, I loved reading Otterly Bookish’s blog post Otterly Amazing Reads: What Makes Historical Fiction?

I feel like most book worms on WordPress will be familiar with Callum McLaughlin, but if not, you have a mega back catalogue of brilliant blog posts to sift through! I really enjoyed this April wrap-up in particular and look forward to all the reviews and recommendations at the end of May too. 

Comment below if you’ve read any of these or if you’ve spotted anything great over the last 7 days! Have a great weekend x

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