Review: The Queen of Tuesday

Award-winning author Darin Strauss’ new novel, The Queen of Tuesday, is based on the life of Lucille Ball, star of the silver screen and Hollywood’s first true female mogul. She acted in and produced widely popular sitcoms including, I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and Life with Lucy.

Weekly round-up: book reviews

I’ve been enjoying read A LOT of reviews this week - for some reason I love pouring over reviews (on blogs, in newspapers, in name it, I’ll read it!) Here are some of the great reviews I’ve read of books that I’ve reviewed too. I hope it gives you some weekend reading inspiration.

Review: The Vanishing Half

The Vignes twins, Stella and Desiree, grow up together in a small, southern, black community. Mallard is a town that Desiree longs to escape. And so, aged sixteen, the twins run away to New Orleans in search of somewhere new. It is here that their lives diverge. When Stella takes on a new job, she “passes” as white and becomes involved with her employer. It isn’t long before she abandons her sister, leaving her family forever. Despite the miles and decades of silence between them, Stella and Desiree will always be intertwined. When their own daughters meet coincidentally many years later, the secrets and lies of their mothers’ past collide.

Weekly round-up: agony aunts and problem pages

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like I’ve seen a rise in the number of ‘agony aunt’ style content in recent months - maybe I just more tuned in to it since we all went into varying degrees of ‘lockdown’ amidst a global crisis, or perhaps there actually has been an increase in people asking for advice and people willing to give it. Here are some of the best problem solvers and advice givers I’ve found online recently - if you’re ever in need of sage or comforting words, I hope these writers can give you some in abundance.

Weekly round-up: A boxset and a brilliant new book…

I've really enjoyed snuggling up with my book this week (*even more than usual) - the weather's turned a bit grim here in the UK and everything feels better when you're in bed with a cup of tea, a brilliant novel and the sound of rain outside. I've also been chowing through TV recommendations that… Continue reading Weekly round-up: A boxset and a brilliant new book…