Barter Books – a magical destination for book lovers

Barter Books is a charming (quite huge!) second hand bookshop in Alnwick, Northumberland, England. It’s unique in that it is situated inside a disused railway station - complete with original fixtures and fittings that look wonderfully old fashioned and retro while surrounded by shelves upon shelves of pre-loved books.  Thanks to Lauren & Luke Gibson… Continue reading Barter Books – a magical destination for book lovers

Too much screen time? 5 audiobooks to download now

If I’m not watching Instagram live, I’m scrolling BBC News or trying to figure out the House Party app. So, to give my neck and eyes a little break, here’s a list of audiobooks I’ll be downloading soon - a treat for the ears and the mind!

Review: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Normally, I know where I stand with a novel. I know how to feel, I know what to think. But, Eleanor Opliphant is Completely Fine threw me through a loop. This book is funny, sad, unnerving and heart-warming all at the same time. It’s the best of human kindness and the depths of personal suffering…in under 400 pages.

Is beauty wasted on the young?

When I’m 80, I’ll eat cake every day. I won’t remember what burpees are, or why anyone cared about avocados. I’ll never get a spray tan, ever again. Every day, I’ll feel each inch of my ageing skin, smoothing my hands over the papery creases and crevices, made during a life well lived. I’ll welcome… Continue reading Is beauty wasted on the young?

Conquering fears in Phong Nha

Ok, I know I said Hoi An was probably my favourite place (and I stand by this!) but Phong Nha was by far my favourite experience. Phong Nha national park is a beautiful area of stunning caves and breath-taking mountainous regions. We stayed at a fantastic hostel called Easy Tiger (well, to be honest, we… Continue reading Conquering fears in Phong Nha