9 comforting books for down days

Some days, weeks (and months!) can feel trickier to wade through than others. If the weather feels a little bit grim, if you’re burnt out, or if life has decided to throw you a few curve balls, then escapism and time-out can really help!   I find (unsurprisingly!) that reading brings me so much comfort. It’s… Continue reading 9 comforting books for down days

5 perfect books for cosy Autumn reading

It’s that time of year when slowly but surely the evenings are drawing in, outside is a little chillier than before, and the leaves are turning that gorgeous burnt orange colour. For book lovers (or, for me at least!), it's the season for curling up with a good book, a blanket, a hot beverage of choice...essentially Autumn is the best excuse to do what I wish I could do all year round! If you’re in need of a little reading inspiration in preparation for the gloriously cosy months ahead (let’s face it, most of us will be spending even more time inside than usual!) then look no further. I’ve scanned my shelves and pulled out a bumper list of books to see you through those darker evenings.

Weekly round-up: agony aunts and problem pages

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like I’ve seen a rise in the number of ‘agony aunt’ style content in recent months - maybe I just more tuned in to it since we all went into varying degrees of ‘lockdown’ amidst a global crisis, or perhaps there actually has been an increase in people asking for advice and people willing to give it. Here are some of the best problem solvers and advice givers I’ve found online recently - if you’re ever in need of sage or comforting words, I hope these writers can give you some in abundance.

Weekly round-up: A boxset and a brilliant new book…

I've really enjoyed snuggling up with my book this week (*even more than usual) - the weather's turned a bit grim here in the UK and everything feels better when you're in bed with a cup of tea, a brilliant novel and the sound of rain outside. I've also been chowing through TV recommendations that… Continue reading Weekly round-up: A boxset and a brilliant new book…

Weekly round-up: Independent Bookshop Week

This week is Independent Bookshop Week. Obviously, the last few months have been tough on bookshops in general, but especially those small and perfectly formed gorgeous little bookshops we all love. A while before lockdown, I visited City Books- a treasure trove of literature with delicately balanced stacks of books and overflowing shelves. Browsing City Books is a very happy memory I’ve fixed upon during lockdown...needless to say, I can wait to visit an independent bookshelf again when it’s safe for everyone.

What’s on my bookshelf?

I don’t normally plan out exactly what I’ll be reading, or when I’ll be reading it. My bookshelf is always a little chaotic, overflowing with books still to be read and packed tight with titles I can’t bear to let go. Right now, here are the *most likely* books I’ll be delving into during the second half of the month.