What’s on my bookshelf?

I don’t normally plan out exactly what I’ll be reading, or when I’ll be reading it. My bookshelf is always a little chaotic, overflowing with books still to be read and packed tight with titles I can’t bear to let go. Right now, here are the *most likely* books I’ll be delving into during the second half of the month.

Weekly round-up: podcasts and poets

It’s the end of another week. It's been a week of chaos and, while I often try to keep these posts light hearted, the world's heart is heavy right now and it would be wrong to ignore that. As ever, here are a few things that I’ve been absorbed in over the past five days. I… Continue reading Weekly round-up: podcasts and poets

Signs you’re a literary snob and how to get over it

In life, there are a million ways to become a snob. Simply put, a snob is someone with “an exaggerated respect for high society who seeks to associate with social superiors and looks down on those regarded as socially inferior”. So, if you’re a snob it’s your life's work to become part of a tribe whose tastes are deemed much more sophisticated than others who, by comparison, waste time on way more trivial pursuits.

Authors I haven’t read yet, but want to

In any given life, there are only so many books that can be read. And, given the slow pace at which I digest novels, I know that it’s inevitable I won’t get through every brilliant book on my never-ending wish list. However, there are some authors that I am desperate to read, but haven’t yet gotten around to. Here’s a short selection of writers that I’m committed to reading this year.

Why do you read?

In this current moment, I’m not sure what I’d do without my bookshelf. Its shelves are chock full of stories, laden with books each bursting with vibrant characters from far-away places. In a state of lockdown, my bookshelf keeps me going and I’m grateful for that. I treasure the moments I can spend immersed in an author’s fictional world (added sunshine and a G&T are a real bonus).

Monthly round-up: what I read in April

And so, with that, another month ends and a new one begins. While ‘lockdown’ trundles on, I’ve been reading a variety of novels to transport my mind somewhere else - here’s a list of some of what I’ve been enjoying throughout the month of April.

Why everyone should read “This Is Going To Hurt”

Although I’m late to the party with this one (let’s be honest, when am I ever on time to the party?) I think that right now, in our current situation, there’s never been a better moment to read This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay. It is an ode to the health service and the real people who make it their life’s work to keep the system running.